Lana Parrilla on Regina in Season 2 of OUAT

"She’s called a few different things, which are inappropriate to say. But she’s called Regina still. Your Highness. Your Majesty. She’s not in a great place, let’s say. The curse is broken and the cat’s out of the bag. Everyone knows who she is, and they want justice and rightfully so. She is going to have to fight long and hard for a couple of things. One, most importantly, her son, Henry. I think that is pretty much the main focus of this character in the second season at this time. She’s lost her son, and that comes with [some] challenges. She’s less concerned with the curse being broken right now, as she is with getting her son back, and she realizes that it’s something that not many people see. I see it because I play the character, but she’s a very hard, a very loyal, committed person and I mean this in the sense that when you think about her love for Daniel, in the first season, she does everything after the point when he dies to get back at Snow White for him. She’s really kind of hung up over [it] and [it’s] very similar with Henry. Losing Henry, I think if she doesn’t get Henry for the next twenty years, she will not stop clawing and fighting for that person. [That’s what] I saw in the character in the second season, and [she is] also extremely resilient."

– Lana Parrilla (x)